Blackjack Sec2


  • One player, one dealer
  • One deck, shuffle after each hand
  • Splitting, Double-Down, Insurance, 5-Card River will be extra features
  • $500 Starting Amount
  • Minimum Bet of $25, max bet up to the amount of money they have.
  • If player get 21, they are awarded 1.5 times their bet
  • High score list will be extra
  • GUI
  • Bet before cards are dealt
  • Testing Incorporated (See Testing Notes)
  • Dealing of the Cards should be: Player (face up), Dealer (down), Player (face up), Dealer (face up).
  • Dealer hits on anything less than 17. Dealer will stand on anything 17 or higher. If one of the first two cards of the dealer is an Ace it will have the value of an 11. However, if the dealer is dealt two aces to begin, the hand value will be 12.
  • You may assume that the dealer and player will never request more than 7 cards. All testing scenarios will go up to 7 cards, never more than 7.
  • If player bust, they automatically loose
  • If the player has a higher hand than the deal (and no bust), then the player wins the amount they bet.
  • If both dealer and player are dealt natural Blackjack's, it's a push.
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