Blackjack Sec1


  • One player, one dealer. Additional players are optional.
  • Extra features are optional (splitting, double down, insurance, etc)
  • Betting incorporated - Starting amount - $10,000, Min bet - $100, Max bet - up to what they have.
  • High score list optional.
  • Cards will be dealt in the following order: Player (face up), Dealer (down), Player (face up), Dealer (face up).
  • One deck, shuffle as needed (when you run out of cards)
  • If player gets natural blackjack and dealer does not, then player gets 1.5 times their back.
  • If both player and dealer have blackjack, it is a push.
  • If the player busts, the dealer automatically wins.
  • Dealer hits if card value less than 17 *OR* soft 17.
  • If dealer has natural blackjack and player does not, dealer automatically wins.
  • If dealer busts, player automatically wins.
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