Blackjack Design Requirements

Your Blackjack Designs should include the following:

  • Cover page with the date and team member names,
  • One to two pages explaining the rules of blackjack which are specific to the functionality of your game.
  • A walk-through that explains the execution of the game from start to finish. You should include screen shots in the walk-through to facilitate understanding. All aspects of the game should be addressed here, leaving no question as to how various conditions will be handled. This will require multiple pages.
  • A page that includes a UML diagram from Violet. This diagram should show all the classes along with their respective instance fields and methods.
  • On the last page, you should list the following: a) how you plan on dividing the workload of the project (if you are working on a team), b) any questions/concerns you have regarding how to implement the project.
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